Which of you doesn't like playing? And what about choosing the games where you may risk your money and feel the excitement? If you are ready to test your luck at this sort of games, we can gladly offer you Microgaming slot machines. You can have no doubt that they will catch your fancy from the very first seconds of gambling them. As each slots possesses its own theme, design, relevant tunes, catching features and so on. So, it's even hard to say that this is a game. This is the whole world where you are the master. Everything is made just for you.

However, where to find the company releasing the best slot machines? The company providing you with the most reliable software. Giving you the chance to feel safe and sound while gambling. Treating every player like a member of the royal family. Why should you look for? Every experienced gamer knows that such company exists and it is... Microgaming. Being one of the software leaders all over the world, Microgaming attracts more and more hazardous players of online slot machines day after day.

Finally, what allures millions of people to select Microgaming? We can answer in one word. It is their creative products of high quality. Moreover, Microgaming always pleases its players with fabulous novelties. Surprising every time and encouraging to keep gambling.

Slots Types

Online casinos are ready to give you a treat with a wide range of slot machines. If you are a beginner in a gambling sphere, you cannot even know where to look first and which type of slots to choose. So, why not start from something and determine your gambling priorities?

Try classic slot machines, for example. They are traditional ones and have got 3 reels and just 1 payline. As a rule, their symbols are connected with the fruit or card themes. But single double and triple bar symbols are also typical for classic slot machines. Of course, some people consider classic slots as the primitive games. However, they are the so called 'fathers' of the state-of-the-art slot machines you have the perfect chance to play nowadays! So, those gamers who wish to get acquainted with the history of casino gambling... Welcome to play classic slot machines!

Video slots is a rather new type of gambling games. Thanks to the technological development, nowadays players all over the world can revel in various games that have their own unique themes and sound effects. So, you may not only make your bets and spin the reels, but also meet your favourite film characters, enjoy the art of the animation or plunge into your childhood with the fairy tale heroes. As usual, video slots represent 5 reel games with 25, 30, 40, 50 or up to 100 paylines. Thus, it's getting easier to win more tempting money prizes. That is why, in players' eyes video slot are very much lucrative.

Playing progressive slot machines any gambler has a chance to be showered with cash. As progressive slots own a tempting progressive jackpot offering incredible winnings. You may watch how this jackpot increases, so you are enticed to gain it by all means.

Launch a bonus slot machine and you will definitely catch some bonus games and features in addition to the main game. Certainly, any bonuses serve as the bait for you. Despite that, it is really possible to get pretty good money playing with them. No wonder that all slots fans opt for those video games offering them more profitable bonuses.

In fact, there is a great deal of diverse slot machines. It is just a matter of taste. So, feel free to try, select and find YOUR games.

Microgaming Bonus Slots

All moden slots presented at Microgaming online casinos offer the gamers a huge selection of bonuses. Marvellous, alluring, gainful ones. That you really desire to get hold of. You can win some bonuses in case of hitting 3 or more certain symbols. This is the most wide-spread condition for becoming the bonus owner. And if you manage to do it, you will be entitled to take your own money gift. However, its sum will depend on your luck. Maybe you will deserve the maximum winning that can reach even millions of dollars? Fancy that! Such fantastic cash can be yours just in a few minutes.

Most slot machines don't want to limit their players with one bonus only. So, slots developers do their best to endow online games with several different features. To let the gamblers play to their hearts' content and win more real cash.

Free Spins Slot

Most Microgaming slot games gladly award all the players with Free Spins Feature. It takes only to catch the necessary number of required symbols. In most slots, three Scatter symbols appeared anywhere on the reels have the power to trigger Free Spins. Sometimes you win 15 Free Spins, for instance, and this is the final amount of them. But many video slot machines can also offer you to check your luck at choosing your Free Spins with multipliers. And here you should rely just on your intuition to grasp more.

Besides usual reels spinning and coins accumulating, you can win extra prizes during Free Spins Feature. For example, you may activate additional Free Spins if it is possible according to the bonus terms. Or the Expanding Wild can emerge on the screen and be your assistant when winning. Actually, we can enumerate these options endlessly. Anyway it's better to play Free Spins slots and appreciate their advantages at the true value by yourself.

Gamble Feature

Microgaming online slot machines can be proud of the fantastic Gamble Feature attracting attention of lots of casino players. The fact that it's quite easy to win it makes Gamble Feature extremely popular. Everything you need to do is to hit the winning combinations within the main game and... The key to Gamble Feature is in your hands.

Gamble Feature itself suggests selecting the colour or suit of the card. If you happen to guess the right colour, your wins may be doubled. As for the correct choice of the suit, it can give you a 4x multiplier of your win. These conditions are usually offered by the slots but everything can vary, of course.

Recently created slot machines have got one more type of Gamble Feature. This time it doesn't have any cards. On the contrary, you need to fix the winning and losing zones on the globe and spin. If the needle stops at the green area, you win. If not, you lose everything and return to the game. This Gamble Feature possesses the Bank option helping you to save the half of your wins. At the same time, you may easily collect your money any moment you like.

Progressive Slots Online

Willing to win great money? Then progressive slots are just what you were looking for. As their main advantage is the progressive jackpot growing tirelessly and reaching several millions of dollars. The jackpot is shown above the reels and you can see any changes while playing. Progressive slot machines represent classic 3 reel slots or 5 reel video slots as well.

How to become the owner of the tempting progressive jackpot? It depends on the slots. Some of Microgaming online slots give you a chance to seize a random jackpot. In this case, it's just the matter of your fortune to gain it. Another progressive slots will part with their jackpot only if you take the possession of the highest winning combination possible. So, choosing any seducing progressive slots, be ready for unbelievable money that can fall down on you.

Microgaming Slots Promotions

As you come to know Microgaming slot machines better, you have all the chances to become their passionate admirer. It happens because of the slots' main benefit distinguishing all slot machines from other types of gambling games. It is Microgaming slots promotions waiting for you in each video slot. You can be acquainted with some of these promotions. Nevertheless, most slots games are ready to offer you something new and really hot. Something that may astonish you and encourage to play at once. As what is the primary goal of any promotions? Yeah! To attract more and more gamblers to try the slots. And at present Microgaming promotions are incontestable leaders in the gambling world. Eager to stay with the best ones? Then choose Microgaming slots and you won't be sorry!